Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I charged by the day or mile?
A: By the day.
Q: Am I charged for weather delays?
A: One day, No If we feel it is not safe to continue, we will stay at anchor or dock until conditions improve (on day two you will be charged at a 50% rate.
Q: Are you in contact with the owner during the delivery?
A: Yes. Daily, cell phone reception permitting.
Q: Do you provide a trip log at completion?
A: Yes. A trip log is provided detailing each days activities, distance covered, location, fluid levels, vessel?s condition and any unusual situations.
Q: Does the boat need to be insured?
A: Yes. We rely on the owner’s insurance and can not do the delivery without insurance. We require a copy of the cover page of your policy showing the effective dates, boat identification and the Protection and Indemnity (P&I) section of your policy showing that all crew members are covered by the policy. You should check with your insurance company to see if a hired USCG Licensed Captain and crew are covered by your policy.
Q: Is a recent survey needed?
A: Not required, but if a survey was done within the past two years we would like to see a copy.
Q: Am I charged for mechanical delays?
A: You are allowed one day per week for mechanical delays at no charge.
Q: Do tools need to be on board?
A: We bring sufficient tools for minor repairs.
Q: What happens if repairs are needed along the way?
A: We will make repairs within our capability. Otherwise we will get to the nearest marina and contact you immediately for your approval before any repairs are done.
Q: What happens if the vessel becomes unseaworthy or incapable of continuing safely?
A: We will immediately get to the nearest marina and contact you.
Q: How many hours are made underway each day?
A: With Captain and one crew member, generally 10 hours. We are underway at sunrise and stop a couple hours or so before sunset (depending on conditions). With a total crew complment of four, we run 24/7.
Q: Are Captains licensed?
A: Yes…All captains listed are U.S. Coast Guard licensed.
Q: Smoking/Drinking/Drugs?
A: All Captains and mates (crew) enrolled in federally approved drug screening program . Non-smoker/drinker captain & crew recommended and available.


Q: Captain For Hire?
A: Great Lakes Yacht Deliveries will provide its Captains for private functions, outings or parties where the responsibility for vessel operation is not desired or practical by the owner.
Q: Assisted Passages?
A: Great Lakes Yacht Deliveries will provide onboard support and assistance to vessel owners in case of vessel or navigational unfamiliarity… or for the peace of mind knowing that help is there.
Q: Vessel Delivery & Relocation?
A: Great Lakes Yacht Deliveries provides vessel delivery and relocation in the event the owner, buyer or seller cannot undertake this task. Vessel delivery to an intended recipient, and vessel relocation to a new port.

This service is also offered to boat dealers, boat brokerage firms and prospective boat buyers who have made vessel delivery a part of the sales process.

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